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From design to programming, event management to content production, beatPlus array a broad range of services and tailor-made solutions to help green, social and visionary projects to emerge and to bring your ideas to life.

Branding & Design

Branding & Design

creating an identity for new or existing brands that stands out in the market, that thinks like a human and stands for something. It will connect with people, understand your values & mission and communicate with the world.

Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

all possible and impossible online solutions ranging from creating websites, social media, digital publications (flyers, brochures, books, guides, reports), online campaigns, email/online marketing, banner ads…

Event Management

Event Management

we know how to bring like-minded people together to share, inspire, learn and have fun in variety of formats and environments ranging from afternoon workshops to 3-day conferences, fundraising, launching parties and much more but always with the right vibe.

What drives us

Sustainability will not happen by itself – we will do something about it!







We as individuals and through the company beatPlus choose to not just wait on the sideline but to do something about the challenges of our modern society. We actively want to help people who want to change the world. Any solution to sustainability is only going to happen with people working in partnership, working together on solutions for a more environmentally sound and a just society.

There are many examples of companies and organisations that have great ideas but need help in terms of bringing these ideas to market and to the people. This is how we choose to help. beatPlus helps to raise awareness of these services, products and projects. To stand out through branding, marketing and great events. This way we make them visible online and offline. The key success to this is humans and bringing people together. We can only solve the problems together. It is not easy but it can be fun.

We want to create this energy and use the opportunities to change the world. It is important for us to share those same elements and have an emotional connection with our customers and partners because this is also the way we will communicate your solution; by opening up spaces to create dialogue, to learn and share, inspire and enjoy. And ultimately to show that being sustainable can be impactful and fun at the same time!


About us

beatPlus is your creative partner for driving sustainability. We want to change the world by supporting the forward thinking organisations with the ideal communication strategy including marketing & branding, all online solutions and events management.

The management team of beatPlus has been working together on various projects over the last six years complementing each other to build a strong, creative and passionate unity.

  • Omni One Page Team
    Franziska MentenCo-Founder and Managing Director Germany

    Berlin-born Entrepreneur with fire, a smile and social consciousness. My 10 years of work experience in marketing, events and sales with cultures from all around the globe as well as my passion for everything digital allows me to find the best communication solutions for the right causes. Driving sustainability as the interaction of environment, society and economy has been the focus of my studies as well as my professional and personal life.

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    Marc ChasserotCo-Founder and Managing Director International

    Entrepreneur with 15 years experience in the fields of environment and energy. Have helped SMEs & Multinationals bring their technologies and ideas to market. Ranging from Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles to cutting edge materials to reduce weight in cars and natural refrigerants in Refrigeration. Am an advocate of sustainable solutions and strive to provide creative solutions to our partners challenges. Have worked in Asia, North America and Europe.

  • Mehdi Bouhjar
    Mehdi BouhjarArt Director

    As far as I can remember, I've always loved drawing, building, design, crafting things. As soon as I got the opportunity, I chose to pursue a career as a graphic designer. Over the past 7 years I have had the opportunity to sharpen my skills in various structures in Europe, Canada and Australia. These experiences have allowed me to really understand and apply the creative process. I apply this knowledge every day, the need to understand and respond effectively fascinates me.

  • Alex AleksanyanHead of Development

    A web professional specialised in online portals with 10 years of experience. With a degree in computer science, became passionate about the Internet and its multi purpose use in the growth of businesses with respect to both their internal processes and their activities with clients. Focused on identifying best technology requirements as well managing both time constraints and resources in order to provide optimal solutions.

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